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Empowering Youth

YouthCoop is a non-profit and social-solidarity co-operative for the empowerment and awareness of young people, on local and international level, acting the field of Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Youth Participation and Youth Work using Non-Formal Education methods and community-oriented approaches.


Empower youth and youth structures through the development of initiatives to support personal, social and cultural development, with a focus on citizenship education, intercultural learning and a community-centred approach


To be a reference for quality in Youth Work, contributing to the development of the full potential of young people and inspiring a generation for a better society with higher levels of civic participation, tolerance and inclusion.

Our audience is mainly focused on young people between 13 and 30 years old and we integrate young people with fewer opportunities whenever is possible.

We are located at a public community centre located in the city of Agualva-Cacém (Portugal) called “Centro Lúdico das Lopas” and most of our activities are focused on seeking for a local impact within the area of Sintra.


We dream of a world where young people have the skills and initiative to reach their dreams. 

The strategic dimensions acts as guidelines for the planning and implementation of our activities. 


Provide opportunities for the development of social-cultural competences, practical skills and support of youngsters, youth organisations and multipliers, through training, support sessions and structured programs using Youth Work and Non Formal Education.


Connect youngsters with the community with a focus on awareness and human connections with people, organisations and conservation of the urban and natural environment. It includes structured dialog, volunteering and cooperation with local organisations. 


Spread the values of European Union and provide opportunities for international mobility where young people can experience intercultural dialogue, learn about other realities and obtain new skills. Connect and cooperate with European organisations for the exchange of knowledge and good practices about youth work and youth policies.

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